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Ruby on Rails & Javascript developers

Our Portfolio

Our Focus:

Design & Develop Applications

Automate Processes

Solve Algorithms

App design

1. Pre-design with Mockups.

2. Development with HTML5, CSS3,
JS, jQuery and Bootstrap.

App Development

1. API's Architecture. SQL & NoSQL Databases. Environments.

2. Development with Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Javascript and NodeJS.


1. Test Driven Depelopment.

2. Security with JSON Web Tokens
and Analytics with New Relic.

And Extras

1. Stats, PDFs, Excels and
Panel Administration.

2. Payment, Email,
SMS Gateways.

What kind of Service you want?

Landing Page, Design, Static & Dynamic Websites, Mobile Apps. (iOS & Android), Statistics and Analytics, Consultancy, Admin Panels, API construction,...

About us

We love coding, "creating things" and improving complex processes. We love challenges.

Who We Are

We are a set of young but experienced engineers focused in programming. We love coding and we are always learning to improve in our programming skills to offer the best service. We offer honesty, help and expertise.

What We Do

Native Code and Programming Consultancy.

  • Native Code
  • Web, Mobile and Automation
  • Solve Complex Problems
  • Testing to Minimize Errors
  • Attractive Design
  • Sustainability
  • Scalability
  • Long-term Apps.

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